Kileinei®Ginseng Beauty Cream -Anti-Aging Nourish Age Freeze Anti Dark Spots Whitening Cream SPF 40++- skin care product

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  Kileinei® Ginseng Beauty Cream 

       Anti-Aging Nourish Age Freeze Anti Dark Spots Whitening Cream SPF 40++




1. Type: Whitening Cream


2. Brand: Kileinei


3. Volume: 15g / 0.5 fl. oz.



Ginseng Beauty Cream is made of special formulation, has the function with whitening, nourish and firming lift, renewable, anti aging and remove wrinkles, remove melasma and freckles, remove pimples and sunscreen.

The cream is the best cosmetics for ladies because it can remove pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and even vanishes freckles and dark spots. KILEINEI ® Ginseng Beauty Cream renders the skin smooth and soft by promoting the circulation of blood underneath the skin. Continuous using of KILEINEI ® Ginseng Beauty Cream will keep your skin healthy and young forever.


How to use:

Cleanse the face with Facial Cleanser in the morning. Dry with a soft towel and apply a thin film of cream over the face and neck. Other cosmetic products such as makeup or foundation can be applied on top of the initial KILEINEI ® Ginseng Beauty Cream application. Repeat this treatment every morning for best effect.


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